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And it's awesome – just like you.

Beauty can’t be counted in years. Beauty counts with each of us.

This idea inspired us to create cosmetics that truly meet women’s needs. Women of different ages, with different experiences and preferences but having one thing in common – always expecting what is most important in care – results.

Awesomesimply works! It delivers the results you’ll see and provides the state of beauty that you’ll experience not only on your skin.

At Awesome, we don’t promise the impossible, but we take the best possible care to make sure the appearance and condition of your skin improves. 

And we believe that modernity can absolutely draw strength and wisdom from nature.

Safe formulas

We create them in our own laboratory. Awesome cosmetics undergo laboratory, dermatological and application tests which ensure safety and confirm effectiveness.

Maximum concentration

Each cosmetic is made with many active, highly concentrated ingredients. Such a mixture could allow us to produce 3 creams, however we choose to make only 1 – but of an exceptionally rich composition, precisely because of the maximum effects Awesome is designed to provide. Our formulas give a pleasing experience during daily care. It's a state of beauty you will feel and see every day!

Natural ingredients

Awesome is all about ingredients of natural origin. We are transparent and honest about our ingredients since we believe that us – women – put sincerity first.

100% vegan

Natural cosmetics are a commitment: to women who are aware of what is best for them, and to nature that we draw our inspiration and ingredients from. We are proud that we test our cosmetics exclusively on ourselves.

Unique solutions

We applied them in two series of our cosmetics: moisturizing and anti-wrinkle. Creating them, we relied on the knowledge and experience of our technologists as well as on trends and expectations of our customers. We want to offer what women can truly enjoy.


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